Gold Fitnessstudio Wien mit Personal Trainer

Neue Website des Gold Fitnessstudio Wien

Bitte besuchen Sie unsere neue Wien-Website unter der Marke Gold Fitnessstudio. Sie können sich für eine kostenlose erste Personal Training-Stunde mit Fitnesszustandserhebung anmelden.

Fitnessstudio Wien für Frauen mit Personal Trainer
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Neue Website des Gold Fitnessstudio Wien

Bitte besuchen Sie unsere neue Wien-Website unter der Marke Gold Fitnessstudio. Sie können sich für eine kostenlose erste Personal Training-Stunde mit Fitnesszustandserhebung anmelden.

Gold Fitnessstudio Wien, Frauen Personal Trainer Studio.

Im Januar 2023 haben wir ein neues Frauen Fitnessstudio eröffnet mit Personal Trainer in Wien. Die NEUE Studiokette heißt Goldfitnessstudios. Unser erstes Wiener Fitnessstudio befindet sich in 1060 Wien, Hornbostelgasse 3/H1. Ruf uns für deine kostenlose Schulungssitzung unter +43 670 308 0039 an.


Women’s personal trainer studio in Vienna, Gold Fitness Studio Wien.

We opened a new women’s personal trainer studio in Vienna in January 2023. The NEW Gym chain is called Gold Fitness Studios and our first Vienna Fitness Studio is located in 1060 Wien, Hornbostelgasse 3/H1. Call us for your first free training session on +43 670 308 0039 and we will show you how to change lifestyle to a healthier one.


Gold Fitnessstudio Wien – Personal Trainer Studio für Frauen.

Dies ist ein Frauen Fitnessstudio Wien mit 2 privaten Räumen und 4 Personal Trainerinnen , die darauf warten, regelmäßig zusammen zu trainieren, um das gewünschte Ziel zu erreichen. Unsere erfahrenen Personal Trainerinnen helfen Ihnen bei der Planung und Umsetzung personalisierter Best Practices, um Ihr gewünschtes Ziel unter Berücksichtigung Ihres aktuellen Zustands und Ihrer Belastbarkeit zu erreichen.

Wir werden unser neues Studio unter Berücksichtigung der Anreise mit dem Auto verlegen, werden immer einen Parkplatz in den umliegenden Straßen finden. Unser Personal Trainer Studio für Damen wird sich unweit des Zentrums von Wien befinden. Der Check-in wird online auf unserer Seite und bei unserem leitenden Personal Trainer Kata Szakál unter der Telefonnummer oder E-Mail-Adresse in der oberen rechten Ecke unserer Seite möglich sein.


Gold Fitness Studio Vienna – Women’s personal trainer fitness studio. 

This is a women’s studio with 2 private rooms and 4 female personal trainers waiting to work out regularly together to achieve the desired goal. Our experienced personal trainers will help you plan and implement personalized best practices to achieve your desired goal taking into account your current condition and carrying capacity.

We have located our new studio taking into account those arriving by car will always find a parking space in the surrounding streets. Our women’s personal trainer studio is located not far from the centre of Vienna. Check-in will is available online on our page and at our lead personal trainer Kata Szakál at the phone number or e-mail address provided in the upper right corner of our page.


Gold Fitnessstudios – Women’s personal trainer studio?

Fitnessstudio Wien für Frauen mit Personal Trainer

Why most of the women chose us?

We have asked this question from many ladies coming to our fitness class and the most usual answer was the following. „I can reach my goal with trusted professional lady fitness trainer in a family environment.”

You can arrive with your kids to our private studio, that is a very important aspect of most of the mothers with one or more young children. Since our studio can be found in private places, in one room you and your personal trainer will do all the exercises. Our professional personal trainers are graduated in different areas related to fitness lifestyle. So you can come to us not only doing a general fitness class, but you can turn to us for the purpose of preserving health and preventing disease, but also for alleviating, eliminating and rehabilitating the problem that has already developed. The many tools and equipment used for training are always novel and of good quality.

Gold Fitnessstudio Wien has 3 specialties that make our personal training studios really unique and very lovable.

In the studio:

  • Personal training is taking place,
  • We hold training specifically for WOMEN,
  • Home location, we have transformed 2 rooms into a nice, spacious apartment.

Explaining these three points further reveals how unique and special this studio is.


Personal training

  • we create an individual training plan and our coaches take into account the guest’s physical and mental condition to the maximum
  • we will prepare a health survey at the first consultation,
  • we are already holding a trial training at the free consultation,
  • only the client and his coach participate in the training,
  • our coaches can pay maximum attention to the guest for 60 minutes,

Ladies who have a health problem can also come to us and we can provide effective help in case of high blood pressure, joint-spine problems, hormonal diseases.


Training for WOMEN

  • We compile a special training plan, taking into account the abilities of the female body,
  • There are no curious eyes here, our female guests can move boldly,
  • Our coaches are characterized by an empathetic coaching attitude, as they themselves are well acquainted with the abilities of the female body and soul,
  • Highly qualified WOMEN professionals are waiting for the ladies to come to our personal training.


Home location, Private Gold Gym Wien

  • Only you and the personal trainer took part in the training,
  • The personal trainer studio is located in a nice spacious civic apartment,
  • A homely, pleasant, calm atmosphere characterizes the studio,
  • Private wardrobe, dressing and toilet facilities, which also suggest the feeling of home,
  • The training are accompanied by pleasant music,
  • No crowds, the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly.


You can find gyms in many areas of Vienna, but we are waiting for you with something else. It’s really good to go here because that’s the above mentioned triple pillar makes the studio stand out from the rest.


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Gold Fitness Studios, Wien 6. Bezirk

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Telephone: +436703080039


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